2007 Panels & Workshops

from the April 2007 film festival

PANEL 1. The Global Healthcare Circle: What Can We Learn from Cuba?
Our panel of Cuba and healthcare experts will examine the heart of the global healthcare crisis – the shortage of trained workers – and how Cuba is meeting the challenge. This fascinating topic is starting to gain widespread attention and stimulate new ways of thinking about providing healthcare for all. The discussion will follow the screening of our special feature, ¡Salud!

Panelists: Dr. André-Jacques Neusy, associate professor of medicine, NYU Medical School; founder and director, NYU Center for Global Health. Dr. Roxanna Cruz, medical director, Ryan-NENA Community Health Center. Debra Evenson, production consultant, ¡Salud!, contributing editor, MEDICC Review.

Moderator: Lissa Weinmann, senior fellow, director of The Cuba Project, World Policy Institute, The New School.

PANEL 2. Facing the Challenge of MDG 3: Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women

Teach a woman and you teach a village. The year 2015 is the target date for achieving the Millennium Development Goals, including MDG 3. Yet in many parts of the world, women are routinely abused, uneducated, and undervalued. Our panel will explore the status of women in the world today, what is being done, and what we still must do to achieve MDG 3 by 2015.

Panelists: Dr. Azza Karam, cultural advisor, United Nations Population Fund. Sandy Schilen, global facilitator, Groots (Grassroots Organizations Operating Together In Sisterhood).

Moderator: Carol Jenkins, president and board director, Women’s Media Center; Emmy Award-winning journalist and former TV news anchor.

WORKSHOP 1. Surviving the Shoot: Tips and Tricks for Shooting in Dangerous Locations

Learn from filmmakers who have been there, done that – shot in locations where a camera is a dangerous tool. Find out how to prepare, what contacts are vital, what gear is necessary, and how to gain the trust of those you are documenting, as well as those in charge, from warlords to corrupt officials.

Leaders: Sylvia Spring, director/writer/producer; co-recipient with Nicky Chalk of the 2005 Stories from the Field Best Feature Film Award for Our Bodies, Their Battleground. Ian Olds, director of narrative and documentary films; director of the Academy Award-nominated Occupation: Dreamland.

WORKSHOP 2. Getting Distributed: Old or New Media – What’s Best for Your Documentary?

Getting your documentary film distributed is vital – after all, it was made to be seen – but what is the best distribution outlet? Many cable channels show documentaries these days; what are they looking for? Where else can you get distributed? The Internet offers many interesting choices, as well, like the new documentary channel, AOL True Stories. Learn how, by getting your doc to the right distributor, you can even make a living at what you do.

Panelists: Andrew Mer, attorney, consultant to the film industry. Robert Moretti, president and CEO, Parabox Media Group.

Moderator: Corinna Sager, president, Lifestyle International; co-producer, Stories from the Field.